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    ECRL Pahang 東海岸鐵路彭亨州標段交付

    點擊數:27062018-05-29 14:32:49 ICL CO.,LTD 天一行供應鏈

    2018. ICL is awarded a tender in ECRL contract and will start delivering the equipment to the site. This contract is logistic and transport base which is part of our supply chain service model.ICL will keep providing financing,export, logistic and import service to projects in Malaysia.

    ICL開始交付馬來西亞東海岸鐵路彭亨州標段物資.該項目為目前馬來西亞在執行最大工程, 我司標的為“物流與運輸”,此為我司供應鏈服務的一部分. 我司將持續為馬來西亞項目提供供應鏈服務:融資,出口,物流,進口.

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